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What to Watch This Weekend: 7 Reasons Why the Whole World is Obsessed with The Queen’s Gambit

What to

*All pictures from IMDb and feature my favorite outfits on the show for apple shapes

I bet you if you haven’t already binge-watched “The Queen’s Gambit,” I am at least the fourth person who has recommended it to you. My guess is- they all tell you, “I don’t even play chess, but I loved it!” I am in the same camp. If you still need more reason to dive into The Queen’s Gambit already besides the fact that it’s 2020 and we have nothing else to be excited about in the near future (Thanks Covid), here’s 10 reasons why the whole world is obsessed with it.

1. People love a good rags to riches story.

No spoilers, but an orphanage and a sob story start this tale.

The Queen's Gambit

2. People love to see the underdog win.

Chess was dominated by men. They questioned why she’s even there, and she gets the job done! Looking super stylish in the process.

This Weekend

3. People love a good makeover story.

Those bangs be gone! That gangly girl turned woman with style and intrigue! Yas! The fashion in this show is amazing.


4. People love seeing characters overcoming in the face of grief, addiction, and loss.

She is the heroine of her own story.


5. Women love seeing other women kick men’s asses at their own game.

My guess is at least 3 out of 4 of those people who recommended this show to you were women.


6. Anya Taylor Joy’s face is captivating.

Those big far set eyes. The way the camera catches every single little nuance of her character’s facial expressions. She’s like the Amelie of Netflix right now. The camera loves her face! A star is born The Queens Gambit!

7. Every scene moves with purpose.

This is the biggest reason why this show is a hit! No scene in this show was included that didn’t move the story forward in some way. And THAT is why it was a great story. It moved forward with absolutely no fluff. Every scene moved the plot forward so it keeps you on the edge of your seat to watch The Queens Gambit!


If you haven’t already, go see it!

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