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What to Watch This Weekend: My 10 Favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy Love-Centric Movies

*All pictures from IMDB.

How are you!? I’m so relieved with the results from this election. I actually heard myself let out an audible sigh of relief when I found out. Anyways, needless to say, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I have a newfound hope in the people of our country. I’m in such a good mood! Today I thought I’d share my top 10 favorite love centric movies in what I would call the Sci-Fi or Fantasy genre. I know this is a broad generalization of what these genres mean, but when I say Sci-Fi or Fantasy, I’m thinking basically stuff happens in these movies that wouldn’t actually happen in real life. We all need a break from our current pandemic, post election week anxiety right?!


The appeal for me: I love the Sci-Fi genre when it really makes you think of a world that doesn’t exist. In this world on Passengers, people are able to live in other planets outside of earth. In order to get to these other planets, earth dwellers have to travel 120 years asleep in a pod to get to their destination. One man wakes up 90 years too early, and this movie is all about his journey and the decisions he makes. Of course another girl is involved, but I won’t give away any spoilers. Check it out! Guys will enjoy this movie too if you happen to want to do this for a date night.

What to Watch This Weekend: My 10 Favorite Sci-Fi or Fantasy Love-Centric Movies


The appeal for me: A perfect world devoid of emotion and sexual tension and then a woman and a man become “infected.” It’s like watching your coworkers as they hide an office romance but instead of their jobs being at stake, it’s their lives!


About Time

The appeal for me: I have to admit, I’m biased to all movies with Rachel McAdams. The screen loves her! I also love a movie about time travel so that’s my two cents on this one.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The appeal for me: I love movies that delve into the role of aging as it factors into love, or for the case of Benjamin Button, the lack of aging.


Age of Adaline

The appeal for me: I love this one for the same reason that I love The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but I love it even more because Michiel Huisman is my current celebrity crush, and I love Blake Lively, especially all her classy vintage clothes in this movie.



The appeal for me: Another Michiel Huisman film! He’s so sexy in this one. If you’re not a Michiel Huisman fan, you might enjoy this one because it deals with a lot of weird De Ja Vu stuff that the characters are trying to figure out.


The Divergent Series

The appeal for me: I love the entire Divergent series because it creates a world where people are categorized and labeled and then they are all trying to figure out their place in this kind of world or trying to rebel against it.



The appeal for me: The love triangle. The fear of hurting the ones you love. The obsession for a person. All of it!


The Time Traveler’s Wife

The appeal for me: Again another Rachel McAdams movie and another time travel movie!


13 Going on 30

The appeal for me: This movie is equal parts endearing and hilarious. In my opinion it’s Jennifer Garner at her best 10 Favorite Sci-Fi.


What are your favorite love-centric movies in the sci-fi or fantasy genre? I’d love to know!

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