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What to Watch This Weekend: My 5 Favorite Love-Centric Christmas Movies and Shows

Is it just me or is anyone else watching Christmas movies wayyy early because …2020?! My friend Tory inspired me with her Christmas lattes and early Christmas decoration. All I have the energy for is Christmas love stories! Here are my top 5!

Dash and Lily

This series on Netflix got me hooked. I ended up starting it late at night and didn’t get to bed until 3am since I watched it from start to finish! It’s a love story that starts with a notebook in a bookstore. Not a boring moment in this one.

The Holiday

I have to admit I just loved Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in this. Cameron Diaz was hilarious! It’s a love story involving switching locales.

Love Actually

The quintessential go to romantic holiday movie with many story lines that somehow intersect eventually. Love Keira Knightley in this.


Same as Love Actually with many story lines but not as well known. RIP Paul Walker. And I love Penelope Cruz.

The Princess Switch

Switching identities and a good Vanessa Hudgens film! Very entertaining!

Have you seen these? What’s your favorite holiday movie? I’d love to know!

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