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What to Wear with a Fedora

I have been looking for the perfect fedora for some time now. Looks like I’ve been looking in the wrong place all along! I’ve been looking in the women’s hat section of stores. This weekend, my brother and I went to Burlington Coat Factory and I found the perfect fedora for me– in the men’s section! The ones I’ve found in the women’s section in the past have always made my head look big and disproportional to the hat. I’m so smitten by this fedora that I just bought. I wore it for the first time yesterday at work and received numerous compliments! My boss was even like, “Midori, you look too cool for this place.” lol. Anyways, because I just bought a fedora, I had no idea what to wear with it. What’s a girl to do? Look online for fashion inspiration, of course! Here are the looks I’m loving.

(btw, my favorite fedoras all have a wide contrasting panel on them)

Wear a fedora with:

Trousers, a wife beater tank top, and suspenders!

This is by far my favorite look with a fedora. Kate Hudson looks hot.

A waistcoat and black pants.

Posh looks slick and svelte.

A blazer and skinny Jeans.

The fedora Kate Moss wears is my favorite! Kate Moss does the light blazer and skinny pants, while Lindsay Lohan does the black and white look. Notice how they’re both donning ballet flats.

A breezy dress.

This is my second favorite outfit with a fedora. So many people like it too!

Skinny Jeans and a loose top.

I love Lauren Conrad’s stick straight hair with the fedora, and striped panel on Vanessa Hudgen’s fedora!

A white tank top and high-waist wide leg pants.

You are so chic Kate Bosworth.

A white tank top, skinny jeans, and boots.

I always love what Vanessa Hudgens wears!

The Cabana look: Shorts and a loose-fitting button-down shirt.

This looks especially good with a brown striped fedora. Ashley Tinsdale is right on point.

Lauren Conrad is too, but you can’t see her shorts in the pic.

If you’re looking for a more “glam” look, I’d go with no contrasting panel and a fedora in tweed like Vanessa and Eva. The gold hoops are the perfect accessory too.

And if you’re still unsure, dress in black like Ashley Simpson. Let the fedora be the main attraction to your look. I ended up wearing my fedora with a black long sleeved shirt layered on top of a striped T-shirt that peaked out of the bottom, skinny jeans, and boots over my jeans.

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  2. Neal Caffrey

    What a strange thing, I actually bought a fedora in the women’s section at Burlington…

  3. James Thomas

    Kate Moss is still one of the prettiest faces in the whole world.’`,

  4. Justin Campbell

    Kate Moss could have been very successful had she not been so addicted to drugs.”*’

  5. Farrah

    I were my Fedora with everything… and haha Neal Caffrey love it!!

    (Great show White Collar by the way..)

  6. Tawni

    Hey everyone!

    So I have a pinstripe fedora (black fedora with white stripes) and I have no idea what color or even what to wear with it. If anyone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Here is a picture of my fedora. 😀

  7. MidoriLei

    Tawni, make sure you wear it with something very nuetral, so that the fedora takes front and center. Maybe a white wifebeater shirt with black wide leg trouser pants? If you can pull it off, add some suspenders or a black waistcoat:)

  8. Lisgha

    The white hats with the black bands are panama hats

  9. Brennan

    Looks great, but the hat being worn in most (but not all) of these pix is actually a trilby. Also quite teh fashionable, but the trilby brim is more narrow than a traditional fedora. Also the back is more easily (and stylishly) turned up with a trilby. Still preferable to a homburg or porkpie.


  10. Lisa@perfecteyebrows

    I have a couple of fedoras and love them…a must have in a lady wardrobe.

  11. Nala

    So…you can pretty much wear a Fedora with anything 🙂

  12. MidoriLei

    yeah, pretty much nala

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  15. Anonymous

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