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When Less is More When It Comes to Makeup

My brother doesn’t like when girls wear a lot of makeup. He tells me it’s because he wants to see the girl, not the makeup. If a girl is wearing too much makeup, it actually turns him off because he is afraid of what she’ll look like in the morning! What is she covering up? What does she really look like? This is what goes through his head.

I can definitely see his point. That’s why I like makeovers that are natural-looking. Like the makeover I did for Ebony below for a girl’s banquet. All she needed was a little bit of eyebrow shaping, a little bit of foundation to even out her skin tone, a little nude shimmer to glam up her lips,  and a light dusting of eye shadow to accentuate her gorgeous eyes:


I want a woman to look in the mirror after a makeover and see the best version of herself, not go Whoa! Who is that?!  No matter how gorgeous that is. At the end of the day, you want to still be yourself, just a little more fabulous, a little more put together, a little more enhanced, and a little more confident.

When done right, makeup can do all that. BUT, in my opinion, makeup can also detract from beauty.  Check out Hayden’s before and after picture below:

In the first picture, she is fresh-faced and youthful, with a dewy complexion and stunning eyes. Her freckles are adorable, and she looks both innocent and alluring.

In the second picture, her eye makeup makes her eyes appear smaller. She has aged ten years, and her fake lashes make her look harsh and almost mean. Whereas the first picture makes her look approachable and trustworthy, the second picture makes her look mischievous, like a girl who you would think twice about before you decided she could be your friend.

A lot of judgments made just because of makeup huh?!

But that’s what the world does. The world judges by appearances and first impressions.

All I’m saying is that when you take the time to do your makeup, or have someone do it for you, make sure you are achieving the desired effect, not detracting from your own splendid natural beauty!

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