"> Wants to go from Asian Jet Black to Platinum Blond Know it will Look Good

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Hair How-To

Who Else Wants to go from Asian Jet Black to Platinum Blond and Know it will Look Good?!

This is a two part series on dying hair platinum blonde, especially if you have stubborn Asian hair that’s either been dyed previously or it is a natural jet black. Before you even embark on this platinum blond journey, you want to make sure that your skin tones match the blond you’re seeking! It can be somewhat complicated because there are very few people you can look at who have done this in real life, so there aren’t very many models to follow. This is exactly what I did to test run a look I wanted.

I went online and did a search on Asian blondes. Here is what I didn’t want to look like:

No offense to her at all, this just wasn’t “the look” I was looking for. Here’s something to remember about being Asian and going blonde: Yellow hair does not match skin with yellow undertones. That’s what I learned. Some Caucasian women can pull it off, but the majority of people really don’t look good in straight up yellow banana colored hair. Even if you have an olive complexion like Jessica Alba, it still doesn’t look right:

Can we say “washed out?” Now compare the subtle change of hair tones, where the yellow is removed and neutralized with ash tones:

Still, I like her best with this light brown color:

So here are some more Asian blonds I didn’t want to model. Still too much on the yellow side:

Although this chick looks very cool, It really doesn’t fit my style to go completely “white” platinum like her:

Here are some that I did like:

The second one is more ash blond than platinum but I liked it as well. I liked the lightest part of this girl’s hair:

I also like this ash shade of blond:

Now even with all these examples of Asian blonds, I still had to consider my own skin tone. Would my skin tone match the blond I was looking for?

This is how I eventually chose my shade of platinum:

I used Ivillage’s Makeover-O-Matic. It’s free. You download a picture of yourself and try on different hair colors (amongst other cool things).

Here’s what it looks like:

That makeover is a brown color I want to go to after I’m tired of the blond. Here are my favorite looks:

So this got me thinking…. Maybe I could go platinum…why not? You’re only young once!

As you can see, I like hats:

I like the glasses too! When you choose a picture, try to avoid any with hair on your face! As you can see from mine, it’s kind of annoying to see that patch of black hair peaking out. The great thing about this site is that you can also compare very similar shades. Here’s an example with my “Rachel” cut (which I’m not a fan of btw. It just hid my hair better than any of the other cuts):

I think I like the second one better, with more ash tones added to the platinum. Here’s one with really platinum white hair: (and a flipped out layered cut I like better)

So, you can definitely have an idea of what you’d look like in different blond shades. Then… you can have a little fun with it! Check these out:

reminds me of a 70’s secretary:

This one reminds me of a Russian chick for some reason:

Ahhhh and lastly, a tribute to the lovely Geisha:

Email the picture you like the most to the Killer Chemist at Killerstrands@gmail.com and read the second post in this series for the actual process! Have  fun!

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  1. Alison

    With regard to the picture you have of me as Misa Amane, a cosplay costume from the Anime, Death Note, from 2007, I am actually wearing a wig. Many people during Anime Expo thought it was my real hair, but I would never dye my hair for a cosplay costume. That would be way too damaging. You can see more pictures of my cosplay as Misa Amane here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.520499832035.2148519.3412600&type=1&l=d4f8d3734d
    It was fun being blonde for a couple of days, but it’s not what I would sport everyday 🙂

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