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Winter Lipstick Favorites: Violet Fuchsia+ Peachy Coral + Goes With Everything Mauve + Perfect Pink

Winter Makeup: Try These Fresh Lipstick Shades

Here are my four favorite lipsticks I add to any winter makeup look. I chose these colors to brighten up my winter wardrobe.  Since I wear a lot of black and gray, it’s nice to have a pop of color this season.

  1. Violet fuchsia
  2. Peachy coral
  3. Goes with everything mauve
  4. Perfect pink

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Violet Fuchsia

Have you heard of the brand Bite Beauty? I love this line of lipsticks. They make the most amazing purple shade– “Spritzer-Plum Rose.”

Let me tell you why this is the most amazing purple lipstick.

1. It lasts a long time.

This brand of lipstick stays put until your next meal.

2. It doesn’t feel dry. 

This brand of lipstick feels comfortable and not drying. This specific bite lipstick has TWELVE EDIBLE OILS. Which brings me to…

3. It contains natural ingredients. 

The ingredients in this lipstick read like something out of your grocery store. Organic butters, nourishing oils, resveratrol from red wine, pearl and silk,

4. It doesn’t turn pink or start to warm in color.

 It truly stays that “hazy violet with blue undertones” all day long. It’s perfect if you are a winter or summer color palette. I’m a winter. I always have such a hard time with lipsticks because my lips are naturally a really bright pinky coral color. When I put most lipsticks on, they actually get warmer the longer I wear them through the day. This one stays true to its original color! It also isn’t a gray purple, which is not very flattering.

5. It tastes amazing! 

It actually tastes citrusy because of ingredients like grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangelo, and mint. Sheeesh. Sounds like summer:)

If you’re still not convinced, maybe the over 3000 5 star reviews on Sephora.com might pull you over the edge. Long-lasting, hydrating, nourishing,  delicious, and truly purple! Go to your nearest Sephora and try it on your lips for free to be a believer!


winter makeup, coral lipstick, color combinations

Peachy Coral

This peachy orangey coral lipstick by Etude House, a Korean brand has a most silky matte texture. I always wear it on my lips and then blend some on the apples of my cheeks. Right now it’s my every day go to lipstick. It really does brighten up any winter outfit.

Etude House, Color Lips-fit in the color “Wanna Fit Orange.”


winter makeup, neutral lipstick, plaid top

Goes with everything Mauve

So I guess this isn’t really a mauve color, but it’s less bright than my first two choices. It’s the color that is neutral enough to go with almost any outfit. It gives your lips a little boost of color without taking center stage. I can even wear it with red (as pictured above). This is my go to matte long wear lipstick to add to my winter makeup when my outfit is already busy enough (like the plaid) so I want to keep my lips subtle. The packaging of this lipstick is so beautiful, I had to display it below. It also has a magnetic seal. Thanks Marc Jacobs.

winter makeup, pink lipstick, victorian top


Perfect Pink

Lastly, I adore this creamy perfect pink lipstick: Lipstick Queen’s Cupid’s Bow in Nymph. It’s as bright pink as I can get without being bubble gum Barbie doll pink. I think it’s the addition of a tiny bit of coral.

Winter makeup doesn’t have to be all berries and warm colors. Brighten it up with some of these colors! What’s your favorite winter lipstick? I’d love to know.

Want to see some other great winter lipstick options? Check out this blog post too, featuring the amazing long-lasting Lipsense.

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